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Duration: 03:56

In this episode, veteran beer-making instructor Jeremy Frey, from F. H. Steinbart Company, one of the oldest home beer supply houses in the country, shows us how to make a batch of home-made...

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Duration: 13:16

All the steps for brewing a superb batch of beer and explained & demonstrated. Tips & time saving "tricks" are provided. These "tips & tricks" makes the video a valuable resource for both...

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Duration: 18:25

Welcome to homebrewing: hobby, obsession, way of life! Brewing beer is fun and easy; if you can make mac and cheese from a box without help, you can make beer, and we're going to show you...

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Duration: 17:11

Have you ever wondered how beer is actually made? Well check out this video featuring Daniel Kahn of Buckbean brewing company in Reno, NV to learn all about the brewing process including ...

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The basics of how to homebrew for the first time, with an overview of the various steps in the process, and some practical tips we've acquired along the way. This is really just our first trial...

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Duration: 13:12

This is a great way to acquire the equipment you'll need to make your first, and many batches of home made beer. Easy, satisfying, and inexpensive. Go to to...

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Duration: 15:18 Ever wanted to know how to make premium craft beer at home? Check out ...

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This is a brown ale, by the way. I love brewing. This batch cost me $14.87 in ingredients from my local homebrew store and it makes FIVE GALLONS of quality beer! For the equipment I used...

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Duration: 07:32

The step by step process I use to brew malt extract recipe beer. This is a great video to watch if you're brewing for the first time, or want to know more about how to home brew. Teach everyone...

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Duration: 07:48

How to make a strong ginger beer with fresh root ginger and dry malt extract. This time the ginger level is perfect for what I'm after; enough to give a comforting, warming sensation rather...

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Visit us at: Friend us on: Follow us on: Check out our selection of beer making equipment...

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Yonny from Copper Kettle Home Brewing shows how beer can be brewed from natural ingredients; just using water, malt, hops and yeast. He gives some useful tips, explains the processes and ...

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Duration: 23:01

Get the 5-star recipe @ Watch how to make light and crispy beer-battered fried fish. Pieces of cod are dipped in a batter...

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Duration: 04:38

How to make alcoholic Ginger Beer - the master Ginger Beer Recipe! My apologies for the 17 minute video, BUT, it properly covers everything you need to know to make and enjoy great ginger beer......

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Duration: 17:17
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